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Kevin Myers, The Irish Times, The Sunday Times, Misogyny
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The M Word


Not the Menopause (but trust me, it will come up.) No today's M Word is brought to you courtesy of Kevin Myers a well-known Misogynist.


Oh but Kevin Myers is last week's news I hear you cry.  True, in the fast moving news cycle Mr Myers has wrapped many a chip (google it young 'uns) since his firing from The Sunday Times for penning an antisemitic column.


The laugh, (a bitter one), is that the antisemitic sentiments were only a tiny part of the offensive column which was, like so much of Mr Myers work, dedicated to slagging off women.


The reason why I'm writing about him today was that I came across his notorious 'Bastard' column from 2005 which is still available on The Irish Times website.  I tried to read it but it was too sickening to finish.  In this fine work of modern Irish journalism Mr Myers frequently refers to unmarried mothers as 'mothers of bastards' and then enquires what else would you call these offspring.  Oh, I don't know, here's a wild idea, let's call them children!  That would work right?


Mr Myers also perpetuates the myth that many women get into the whole pregnancy and baby business because we are nothing more than 'Gold Diggers'.  Wow, who knew that having a child could turn a profit?  Not me.  As a Single Parent my net worth has plummeted.  Am I doing it wrong?  How come I had a baby and can no longer afford to spend my hard won earnings on fancy shoes and having my breakfast delivered?  I wish Mr Myers had provided a text on just how to make money out of motherhood.


But then it's not just me.  Every Single Parent I know - unmarried, divorced or widowed spends a great deal of their time worrying about money and the lack of it.  Even those women who are in relationships when they have children notice that their earnings generally suffer as a result of becoming a parent. 


The fact that it took British Jews to strike a blow against the hate speech of this aging angry man speaks volumes about modern Ireland.  The message sent out by his firing from the Sunday Times (which is not connected to the Irish Times) is that antisemitism is very bad (you'll get no argument here) but hating on women - ah sure, that's grand. 


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