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This month's Image magazine containing a feature by me!
This month's Image magazine containing a feature by me!


Serving up afternoon treat for fashionistas




The Sunday Independent 18 May 2014


Forget all that Sex and the City cupcake nonsense, real fashionistas know it's all about the Prêt-à-Portea in The Berkeley, Knightsbridge, London, where high fashion meets high tea (and they said it would never happen!).


With the Prêt-à-Portea summer collection 2014 you can purchase a Miu Miu exotic-skin tote bag, a Christian Louboutin Pigalle spike heel (with signature red sole), and several other designer goodies and still have change out of a £50 (€61) note.


OK so they're all pastry but in the age of social media food porn, your Tweet 'n' Eat will have friends, fashionistas and food lovers glowing green. Talk about having your cake.


Prêt-à-Portea at The Berkeley, daily 1-6pm, £41 (€50) per person (includes miniature savouries, sandwiches and tasters). To make a reservation for Prêt-à-Portea call 004420 7235 6000 or check


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The Young Master in The Guardian

Weekender: Jack Scanlon, schoolboy, 5

'I'd like to play the Doctor when I grow up as all the actors will be dead by then – I want to act like David Tennant'


 Interview: Becky Barnicoat. Portrait: Emily Stein


The Guardian, Friday 30 November 2012 22.59 GMT


Jack Scanlon: 'My friends say I look really smart.'


Doctor Who is my favourite TV programme. I'm not scared of it. I've got loads of Doctor Who toys – I've got a Doctor Who bouncy ball, I've got the Tardis, and another Tardis that speaks. I'm the Doctor's number one fan.

I started dressing up as the Doctor a long time ago, when I was four. The 10th Doctor [David Tennant] is my best doctor. I like his coat, because it's like a cape, and I like his suit, because it's all nice and stripy, and his tie and shirt and his messy hair – it's just really good. And his shoes are good for running, so he's really fast. I'm a really good runner. He's really smart, and my friends say I look really smart, too. They don't dress like the Doctor because they haven't got a suit like me.

On Saturday mornings I go to drama at the Henley Children's Theatre Group. I'd like to play the Doctor when I grow up as all the actors will be dead by then. I want to act like David Tennant. At drama group, we dance and play games. I'm the best at dancing. I'm going to be a bean in the Jack And The Beanstalk panto.

After drama class, I go to the park with my mummy or shopping. My favourite shop is the Doctor Who Experience shop in Cardiff. Mummy took me in the summer as a reward for getting a good school report. And just being good.


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The Young Master in The Henley Standard

The boy who wants to become Doctor Who

MOST little boys like to dress up as their favourite superhero and act out the role but in Jack Scanlon’s case he wants to become his idol.

The five-year-old, of Greys Road, Henley, likes to pretend he’s Doctor Who.

When he comes home from Sacred Heart Primary School each evening, he puts on a suit and a pair of Converse shoes that he believes transforms him into the TV character.

Jack would like to bag the role for himself when he’s older and he is already well on the way as a member of the Henley Children’s Theatre group.

He models himself on David Tennant, who was the 10th Doctor Who, carefully copying his unusual quiff. Jack says: “He is my favourite doctor because he wears two suits. I wear a different Doctor Who suit each night.

“I would like to play the Doctor when I grow up as all the actors will be dead by then. I want to act like David Tennant.”

Unlike most children who have grown up with the BBC’s popular science fiction show, Jack isn’t scared of the various monsters and aliens that his screen idol has to tackle.

Instead, he waves his sonic screwdriver toy.

His mother Anne Marie, a former actress and stand-up comedian in America, says: “Jack’s a very extrovert child and enjoys performing and dressing up.

“For him, performing is a hobby. He’s really into his clothes — if anything, I can see him getting into fashion. I like clothes too but I’m not a compulsive shopper and couldn’t tell you what the latest fashion trends are, but Jack can.”

Jack, who is also a fan of veteran rock star David Bowie, will be playing a bean in the theatre group’s pantomine Jack And The Beanstalk at the Kenton Theatre in January.

Mrs Scanlon believes acting is good for him.

She says: “It’s great for kids like Jack who are extrovert and get a kick out of performing but it’s not about catching children for the industry.

“It’s about giving them confidence because for shy children it brings a bit out of them. ”

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